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YTD On Mekor Haim 15

Baka , Jerusalem

The Project

“YTD at Mekor Haim 15”  is a very outstanding and exclusive project which is located in the much sought-after Baka neighborhood. The project offers a choice of spacious 6 room apartments as well as magnificent penthouses with a private pool. The building has an ornate lobby which was planned and designed by one of the leading architectural firms. The project has been established in a appealing location which encourages one to enjoy the tranquil and pleasing environment, as well as the proximity to areas of entertainment and culture. Moreover – as an integral part of the expansion of the Light Rail project – in the near future the train will traverse the neighborhood connecting occupants of the project with the bustling center of the city.

Come and make your dream come true, and enjoy a unique residential experience in an outstanding location, combining a rural and magical atmosphere not far from lively places of recreation.



The “YTD at Mekor Haim 15” project is positioned on a quiet and pastoral street in the much sought-after Baka neighborhood. There one will find exclusive cafés, restaurants and boutique shops. A short walk from there is the First Station complex, in the center of which is the First Railway Station of Jerusalem, which has become a bustling center of recreation with high-quality restaurants, exhibitions and a diversity of alternating markets.
The Baka neighborhood borders on the enchanting German Colony, renowned for its secret green alleyways. The houses in the neighborhood were constructed in a variety of different styles, integrating the East and the West. Many of the houses were made from Jerusalem stone which blends harmoniously with the stylistic arches, ancient wooden doors and impressive façades adorned with unique carvings and decorations.

The Architect

Peri Hamam, proprietor of Tama Architects, earned his MA in
Architecture from New York’s Pratt Institute.
Tama Architects is one of the most promising and exciting offices on the
real estate scene in recent years. It has led a large number of diverse and
unique projects throughout Israel.
Tama Architects operates in conjunction with top professional
consultancy teams having proven experience as it constantly seeks
innovation in the field of planning, technology and management.
The office’s working methods are based on extensive research and data
and applied with relevance to each project. The working process includes
preliminary study, in-depth familiarization of the project’s requirements
and the location’s environment, project planning, and ongoing supervision
of all stages of construction.

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