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YTD On Bethlehem Rd. 67

Baka , Jerusalem

The Project

‘YTD at Bethlehem Road 67’ is an exclusive residential project that contains a wide variety of luxury apartments, amongst which 4- and 5-room apartments which overlook a green avenue, deluxe garden apartments and a spacious penthouse with large balconies. The occupants of the building will enjoy an ornate lobby and apartments that have clever interior design and have been meticulously planned down to the very last detail. ‘YTD at Bethlehem Road 67’ is situated in the heart of the Baka neighborhood – one of the oldest and most desirable neighborhoods in Jerusalem, known for its picturesque streets and the pastoral atmosphere. Thanks to the special nature of the neighborhood young couples and the elderly, secular and traditional Jews live side-by-side and together create a very special human fabric. Come to make your dreams come true and enjoy a truly unique residential experience in a perfect location, which blends a pastoral and magical atmosphere alongside lively places of entertainment.


The unique ‘YTD at Bethlehem Road 67’ project is situated in a quiet and rural street in the heart of the much sought after Baka neighborhood, on the cusp of a beautiful tree-lined avenue where there are exclusive coffee shops, restaurants and boutique shops. Within a short walking distance of the ‘First Station’ complex in Jerusalem, in the center of which is the building that housed the first train station in the city, and which has become a bustling entertainment center with outstanding restaurants, exhibitions and a diversity of alternating markets.
Baka has a impressive history, which has left its mark in the historical monuments that are scattered around it, that integrate in perfect harmony with the modern buildings erected there. When you walk around you will see the special and picturesque aesthetics of the neighborhood, and get a sense of the warm community feeling and the peace and tranquility of the neighborhood.

The Architect

Peri Hamam, proprietor of Tama Architects, earned his MA in
Architecture from New York’s Pratt Institute.
Tama Architects is one of the most promising and exciting offices on the
real estate scene in recent years. It has led a large number of diverse and
unique projects throughout Israel.
Tama Architects operates in conjunction with top professional
consultancy teams having proven experience as it constantly seeks
innovation in the field of planning, technology and management.
The office’s working methods are based on extensive research and data
and applied with relevance to each project. The working process includes
preliminary study, in-depth familiarization of the project’s requirements
and the location’s environment, project planning, and ongoing supervision
of all stages of construction.

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