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YTD On Caspi 8

North Arnona , Jerusalem

פרויקט 'יתד בכספי 8' הינו בניין בוטיק בו 11 דירות בלבד, ביניהן דירות גן מפנקות, דירות 4 ו-5 חדרים ופנטהאוזים יוקרתיים. הדירות בפרויקט בעלות מפרט טכני עשיר, והן תוכננו ועוצבו בקפידה עד הפרט האחרון. בנוסף, דיירי הבניין ייהנו מלובי מהודר אשר עוצב ע"י האדריכל המוביל פרי חמם, הנחשב שם דבר בתחומו.

הפרויקט ממוקם בצפון שכונת ארנונה, ברחוב שקט, מטופח ופסטורלי, אשר נקרא על שם מרדכי כספי שהיה ממקימי השכונה, ומשקיף על נוף מרהיב של אגן העיר העתיקה וחומות ירושלים, מה שהופך אותו לאחד מהרחובות היפים והיוקרתיים בעיר. החל משנות ה-90 של המאה ה-20, נבנו סביב רחוב כספי מבני מגורים מפוארים לאורך רחוב לופו ורחוב חנוך אלבק. מתחם צפון ארנונה כולו, על שלושת רחובותיו, מכונה כיום כספי.



The northern Arnona neighborhood is characterized by a very diverse population, which is expressed in the variety of styles, traditions, costumes and languages, which bring a lot of vibrant color and interest to the streets and contribute to the energetic nature of the neighborhood. The First Station complex is situated not far from the project – a complex which centers on the first railway station of the city, which has now become a lively center filled with exclusive restaurants, as well as exhibitions and a diversity of alternating markets. Additionally, not far off, one can find the luxurious ‘Yes Planet’ cinema complex. Also, adjacent to the green residential area, there is a commercial and entertainment center that is considered to be one of the most popular areas of recreation in the city, thanks to the lively nightclubs as well as the bustling centers of shopping and leisure activities.
The ‘YTD at Caspi 6’ project is a one-time opportunity to enjoy the quality of life that you have always dreamed of. You would be able to live in a luxurious apartment, in a rural residential environment, in one of the most desirable locations in the city, where you will enjoy everything that this very special city has to offer; the enchanting views, the rich history, nearby centers of entertainment and leisure and a high standard population. All of these will make the residential experience in this project truly enjoyable.

The Architect

Peri Hamam, proprietor of Tama Architects, earned his MA in
Architecture from New York’s Pratt Institute.
Tama Architects is one of the most promising and exciting offices on the
real estate scene in recent years. It has led a large number of diverse and
unique projects throughout Israel.
Tama Architects operates in conjunction with top professional
consultancy teams having proven experience as it constantly seeks
innovation in the field of planning, technology and management.
The office’s working methods are based on extensive research and data
and applied with relevance to each project. The working process includes
preliminary study, in-depth familiarization of the project’s requirements
and the location’s environment, project planning, and ongoing supervision
of all stages of construction.

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